Flickering Game


Image midgardhologamesystem.jpg
Description You spent some time running around in a holographic game. Shooting all sorts of imaginary alien invaders was fun, but running around in a generated fantasy makes everything else seem a bit dull.

Worse yet, staying in that flickering light for too long has started to give you a headache. Ugh.
Hidden Flags Unnatural Effects
Effects +2 Ranged Power
+2 Etheric Defense


From using a Midgard HGS prototype. (20 Duration, or more with certain effects)


Fighting with this active, and possibly other conditionals can give the following at the end of combat:

All the excitement reminds you a bit of the game you've been playing.

You learned a new Technique: Hologame Shooting

While Etheric, occasionally:

You catch a flicker of green light from the corner of your eye. A moment later, you're thankful for your training playing that game as you neatly sidestep a ganger's switchblade… a ganger that looks like he wandered away from the hologame projector and found you here.

(Fight a Hologame Ganger)

While Etheric and Hologame Meditations, occasionally:

A flicker of green light and the whisper of flipping pages snaps you back to your mindset when you're playing that Midgard hologame. Perfectly matching your expectations, you see one of the game's aliens, etched in brilliant green light.

(Fight a Hologame Alien)

While Etheric and Hologame Meditations and hologame tome running, occasionally:

Your computer makes a strange sound… a soft tapping like the turning of pages. Even as the tapping grows louder, it's drowned out by the grinding of stone.

A giant of flickering light looms over you, letting loose a roar that leaves you rooted in place for a long moment.

(Fight a Hologame Troll)

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