Flickering Spark


Image spark.jpg
Description You saved this spark from your welding torch and have been keeping it carefully away from the rest of your possessions. They'd probably melt right into polysteel if you gave it a chance.
Type Usable
Use You drop your flickering spark into a pile of polysteel, letting it melt into a pile of bubbling grey plastic. When it starts to spread, you carefully contain it in a roughly square area where it eventually hardens into a sheet.
Without polysteel in inventory:
You're pretty sure these would melt polysteel easily enough, but you don't have any polysteel.
Multi You drop your flickering sparks into the polysteel. Each melts into a small section, creating a river of bubbling grey plastic among the polysteel. You carefully separate the plastic into square sheets and let it cool for use later.
Effects You found: Fused Polysteel (transforms 1 piece of polysteel if in inventory)


Using Armory when under the Red Lenses effect (sometimes).


Force two Flickering Sparks together
Flickering Spark Flickering Spark
= Brilliant Spark
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Curiosities
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