Flight of Fancy


Image powercodefly.jpg
Description Show off your new skills! Thanks, PowerCode!
Unsubtle 3


?/6 - PowerCode attack die


Gives the following message in the post-batch phase, and lose up to 5 turns of PowerCode if you have it:

(from a single batch vs PL)

You show off your new skills with a pixelated rendition of the PowerCode logo, flying over the system like a Zaibatsu movie monster.

or (also from a single batch vs PL)

You create a set of in-system fireworks, each exploding into a mass of butterflies. It doesn't do much to Password Lock, but it looks awesome!


You spray a quick image of the PowerCode logo on the side of Password Lock. Wooooo PowerCode!

(gain 2 XP for all the above?)

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