Flitting Faelet



Encounter Conditions

Fae Sight active

Initial Text

A tiny green faerie, smaller even than most you've seen, wanders toward you through the tunnels. It bobs up and down, making a faint tinkling sound like bells.

It seems to want you to follow it somewhere to the northwest through the tunnels.

Summary of Choices

  1. Follow it - enter Midgard Warehouse
  2. No thanks - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Follow it

The faerie leads you through the sewers and into a badly disused section of industrial basement. It then dances off back into the sewers.

Looking around the basement, you realize you're in a large warehouse, bustling with Midgard employees.

(Enter Midgard Warehouse)

No thanks

The dancing light doesn't seem to mind. It wanders off down another tunnel.

See Walk Away

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