Flowing Glow


Image flowingglow.jpg
Description Avoid attacks with the power of the ether and your own reflexes
Chain 4
Type Etheric
Attribute Reflexes
Base Defense 6

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 6 (M, R, !F !S, !E*)
Energy flows around <opponent>.
<Opponent attacks>, but the flowing energy blocks all but <X> / of the damage.
With a Pep Effect ?? (M, R !F, !E*)
You flow like a stream of pure energy.
<Opponent attacks>, but the attack barely connects, preventing all but <X> / of the damage.
Vs. Etheric techniques 8 (E) ?? (M?, !E) (takes priority over Pep Effect)
Flowing energy lashes out at <opponent> for x etheric damage.

* Hard to test these forms block Etheric attacks, but could be tested in a multi-opponent fight. The "Vs Etheric" form only triggers on the opponent you are targeting.


Is added automatically in deck when using Moodlight glove while etheric, if you have techniques that use Reflexes in your real deck. (Cannot be added to your deck permanently.)


Enhances following Emotional Glow if you have a Pep Effect.

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