Foam Skull


Image skull25.jpg
Description Cast from foam, this skull is both way less spooky and way less likely to get you arrested than the real thing. Well, except maybe at a distance in the dark. Then people will give you some pretty intense looks if it's not Halloween or a Shakespeare production.
Type Offhand
Effects +1 Etheric Power


Guidance System (High Altitude), from Silver Courier drones during Halloween 2017.
Halloween 2020: Parking Garage: Decoration Destruction


Enliven your Foam Skull with an Animatronic Motor
Foam Skull Animatronic Motor
= Chattering Skull
Mortar together six Foam Skulls with a Foam Tube
Learn recipe from Foam Tube
pileofjunk.jpg 6 Foam Skull, Foam Tube
= Skull Pile
Assemble four Polysteel Supports, a Foam Skull, an Animatronic Motor, and a Skull Pile
Learned Recipe: Learn from Halloween 2019 encounter
4 Polysteel Support Foam Skull Animatronic Motor Skull Pile
= Skull Fountain
toolbox.jpg Salvageable but unknown result
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Goods
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