Focused Gaze


Image focusedgaze.jpg
Chain 7
Type Etheric
Attribute Will

Attack Summary

Condition Base
You focus your gaze on <opponent> to no particular effect.
While Etheric 8 Lose 1 turn of Etheric; give opponent 1 turn of Entrapping Gaze if they are not Crunchy; Gaze Techniques
You focus your gaze on <opponent>. It feels a strange tingling, then starts bleeding as a hole is bored into their flesh, dealing x etheric damage
While Etheric, and opponent has Entrapping Gaze 10 Gaze Techniques
You focus your gaze on <opponent>, boring deeper into her flesh for x etheric damage


Win a fight against a Flying Eye using Evil Eye while under the effect of Entrapping Gaze.

Used by (opponents)

Bound Scarecrow
Flying Eye
Horned Snowman
Staring Snowman
Twisted Raven

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