Foreign Memory


Image FaradCapacitor.jpg
Description Most neural recordings come from Zaibatsu territory. This one, in particular, seems to have come more directly than most. The data tags haven't even been translated.

The only word rendered in characters you recognize is "Eclipse." Beyond that, it's impossible to say what it's about without slotting it.
Type Chip
Use You slot the front row memory and wait for the emotions to start rolling in.

You remember speaking softly to yourself, confident that the neural recorder will pick up your words but… they're not any words you understand. You remember flashes of emotion, ripples of disturbance at the edges of your well-ordered mind.

It's easy to understand the source of the emotions. The man crouched in front of you… the object of your love and pity and fear, and hatred. You fear for him and hate those who did this to him.

But they sent you the drug and now you can see him… NO, now he exists. And if you stop, if you can't get more, there's no one else to see him. He'll be alone forever, alone in the cold void, alone in nothingness.

They said they were your friends, but they lied. What friends would do this? What friends would give you the power to create and to love, but not the power to hold onto your dreams?

You look down into your hand, a round white pill marked with a strange logo, resting in the center of a brown paper wrapper like a flower's bloom. Your tears fall, pattering lightly against the paper. The last pill.
Multi You cannot use more than one of that item. (not consumed)
Effects Earn 6 random XP (perhaps 3 Perception + 3 random?)


Hacking: Shared Files


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg Can't be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Drugs
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