Foreign Shark

For narrative speculation on this opponent, see Historia Aetherium: Beneath the Lake.


Image Giant-Shark.jpg
Combat Description The shark
HP 59-65
Stats Perception: 15
Reflexes: 10
Strength: 15
Will: 5
Power Melee: 8
Unoppsed: 4
Defense Melee: 4
Ranged: 4
Fire: 0
Etheric: 0
Stealth: 0
Reactive: 0
Awards 5 XP
You found: (See below)


Great Stand Of Seaweed in Lake Metroplex (North) if you are below 50% HP
Records Office, while in Diving Gear

On Winning (Metroplex Lake)

If you chose grab some seaweed, in addition to any of the following:

You found: 2-3 clumps of damp seaweed

Defeating one with a sashimi knife equipped:

You cut a good-sized hunk of meat from the shark. It actually looks kind of tasty.

You found: shark fillet

Otherwise, defeating one with a Myers sampling kit equipped (if you chose "Search the seaweed", sometimes (see discussion)):

You open up the shark's gut with your sampling kit. Wow, they're right, there is all sorts of crazy stuff in here.

You found: 2-3 of: ancient gold coins, mauled fishing hook, rebreather mask, scorched glass shards, silverware remnants, waterlogged PDA, wetsuit fabric, wetsuit pants, wetsuit top

Otherwise, defeating one with a Myers sampling kit equipped (if you chose "Grab some seaweed", sometimes (see discussion)):

You go ahead and extract some teeth. They've got to be good for something

You found: 4-5 shark teeth

On Winning (Offices)

You find yourself among the cubicles, a few trickles of water running from you onto the beige carpet.


Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Shark Frenzy 2 17 Melee (normally)*
'' 26 Melee (if you are below 50% HP)
Powerful Tail Strike 3 18 Melee (normally) Stuns your following 2 actions
" Nothing (when your Diving Ability is 3 or more)
Experimentally Bite 3 16 Melee
Circles 4 8-16 Evasion (M,R,F,S) (normally)
'' 20 Melee (if the shark is below 50% HP)
This opponent has +4 Power to all techniques when Unopposed.

* The form of Shark Frenzy at > 50% HP is only easily seen with the shark in the Records Office since the shark in Lake Metroplex requires your HP < 50% to start the fight.

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