Forge Blade


Image reforgesword.jpg
Description Feeds on your system's Hardening to boost its power
Offense 2
Unsubtle 1


2/6 - staring blade program


When used without Reforged Sword and with Hardening, gives the following message post-batch:

You reforge part of your system's Hardening into a blade.

(Lose 1 Hardening, gain 1 energy of Reforged Sword; the effect already applies in this round)

Or, with Reforged Sword already active and some Hardening left:

Your system's hardening burns down the length of your avatar's blade. (+2 Offense)

(Lose 1 Hardening)

Otherwise (with no Hardening):

Your system doesn't have enough Hardening left for you to forge a blade from.

(Works just like any other 2-offense function)

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