Formatted Memory Core


Image FaradCapacitor.jpg
Description These memory devices are noted for their incredible transfer speed. This makes them extremely useful in high end computing, but their original purpose was holding neural recordings.

So if you were to happen to run into data that looks like it might be a neural recording, be sure to store it here so you can watch it later… or tell Midgard security, because neural recordings are illegal in their jurisdictions.
Type Misc


From using a core formatter to format a neural recording


Required to download certain information gained through Hacking, including Benny Smith memory, compromising memory core, front row memory, hackers' memory core.

Expand a Zaibatsu TZR using their Formatted Memory Core
Zaibatsu TZR Formatted Memory Core
= Highmem TZR
Link your Executive Sidearm to a Formatted Memory Core using a Signal Analysis Circuit
Executive Sidearm Signal Analysis Circuit
Uplinked Sidearm Formatted Memory Core
= Memory Sidearm
Create a flexible circuit board with two Polysteel, two Gold Foils, and four Formatted Memory Cores
Quest Recipe: Requires recipe from Shared Files.
toolbelt.jpg 2 Polysteel, 2 Gold Foils, 4 Formatted Memory Cores
= Mimetic Sheet
Rebuild an OmniTech Learntop with a Gold Processor and a Formatted Memory Core (2 Energy)
OmniTech Learntop Gold Processor
Gold Learntop Formatted Memory Core
= Rebuilt Learntop
Fit a Biomonitoring Circuit and two Formatted Memory Cores into a Skeletal Cyberleg (2 Energy)
Learn recipe from Cybernetic Graffiti encounter or horrific cyberplans during Halloween 2020
toolbelt.jpg Skeletal Cyberleg, Biomonitor Circuit and two Formatted Memory Cores
= Recording Bone Leg
toolbox.jpg circuit fragments (x1), microcapacitor (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .14 Goods
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