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General info

Fortifications let PvP defenders (patrollers/ambushers) tweak the battles when other gangs are trying to take over. Some fortifications help only the defender, while others can help or hinder both players equally. Some fortifications are better suited to some decks better than others.

To set up fortifications you need:

  • Delivering Fortifications
    • A gang Beancounter sends Profits from the gang stash to fortification in a particular area to turn them into Pending Fortifications.
    • Someone in the gang delivers the fortification in the area. They do not need to have fortifications unlocked personally to help with this, nor do they need control of the area. They do need to be in gang warfare though. Each time someone does this, they turn 1 Pending Fortification into 1 Delivered Fortification.
  • Using Fortifications
    • If you want to use fortifications in PvP, you need to buy Annotated Maps from the gang smuggler for 50 Profits
    • Set the type of fortifications you want to use on the main Gang Warfare screen.
    • Whenever you defend and use a fortification, it uses up 1 Delivered Fortification (some of the time? see individual fortifications below for details).

Fortified PvP fights start with:

As you patrol The Quad, you come upon <player> from <gang>

<Fortification start text> (see below)

<Health qualifier> (see gang warfare page)

Fortification Effect Unlock*
Southside Park
Nothing Does nothing, uses no resources. Annotated Maps
Barrel Trap If attacker wins, explodes for Fire damage unless they've used Reflexes-based attacks. Annotated Maps
Improvised Armor Gives defender bonus defense if needed. Annotated Maps
Improvised Weapon Gives defense bonus power if needed. Annotated Maps
Field Medicine Boosts your HP if you are injured and have less HP than your opponent. Buy 50+ Omnitech trauma bandages from Little Eddie's
Nothing Does nothing, uses no resources. Annotated Maps
Cut the Lights Can avoid some defensive moves. Annotated Maps
Incoming Shipment Gives the attacker some extra Dock Security fights afterwards. Annotated Maps
Stacked Crates Blocks techniques when one player's chain is 2? higher than other player's. Annotated Maps
Experimental Drugs Boosts your Attributes to match your opponents, if lower. Buy from the Smuggler's Market
Dockside Sewers
Nothing Does nothing, uses no resources. Annotated Maps
Narrow Tunnels Blocks techniques when one player's chain is 2? lower than other player's. Annotated Maps
Rigged Collapse Deals extra damage if you block all damage with an evasion technique. Annotated Maps
Vent Gasses Can light the sewers on Fire for extra damage with Fire techniques. Annotated Maps
Sabotage Valve Makes the fight underwater. Defeating an Energized Serpent
The Quad
Nothing Does nothing, uses no resources. Annotated Maps
Call the Rave Boosts the power of Etheric techniques. Annotated Maps
Gather a Crowd Blocks all? damage for the first round. Annotated Maps
Get the Punks Boosts the power of Fire techniques when unopposed? Annotated Maps
Stage a Bust Gives extra untyped damage unless you are wearing an air filter. Beating the 4 Midgard Security encounter in The Quad (during protest).

* Note that unlocked fortifications persist across resets.

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