Fortified Coffee Grounds


Image dustB25.jpg
Description This coffee has been spiked with pure caffeine. It's going to be pretty intense.
Type Drug
Requires 7 Body
Use You eat the grounds. They don't actually taste that bad and, to make it better, they've got kick.
Multi You eat the grounds. The taste gets old pretty fast but, to make up for it, they've got kick.
Effects Gain 15-19 Energy
Gain 20 duration of Pep In Your Step


Spike Fair Trade Grounds with Caffeine Powder
Fair Trade Grounds Caffeine Powder
= Fortified Coffee Grounds


Mix up some Fortified Coffee Grounds
Makes 2-3 cups with stolen coffee pot, 3-4 cups with Lattes! latte machine.
coffee.jpg Fortified Coffee Grounds
= Fortified Coffee
Grind Fortified Coffee Grounds into Stimulant Dust using a Mysterious Puzzle Box
Puzzle-Box-25.jpg Fortified Coffee Grounds
= Stimulant Dust
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Drugs
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