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GoldSGoldS 23 Sep 2020 00:27
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Interoffice Memo

I don't know if Blue Eyes had been explicitly tested before, but I can now confirm it doesn't do anything new.

by GoldSGoldS, 23 Sep 2020 00:27
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 11 Sep 2020 19:54
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Zipgun

What kind of things were you trying to craft? I wonder, since you got it after the classic handgun, it only triggers if you craft something with pistol fittings?

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 11 Sep 2020 19:54

When I first tried to get the zip gun, I was just re-creating old items, not new ones; when I created Retro assault rifle, then the classic handgun, I got it after that. Two tries.

Interesting how I got it by bk furybk fury, 06 Sep 2020 07:00
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 01 Sep 2020 23:00
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Halloween 2020

Did this last year, so I thought I'd do it again, giving a list of potential things to work on getting prepared for Halloween, based on previous years:

Also a good idea to get your Chess skill up, so that you can get extra information from Arthur J.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 01 Sep 2020 23:00

Rewards this year:

You find a street vendor picking up his blanket and wares. "Hey, saw you enjoying the fireworks on Metroplex Day. Good show, eh?"

"Here, I've got some extra merchandise from then. Can't move it any other day, so you can have it."

He slips you a handful of merchandise and heads on his way.

You found: dragon twin statuette

You found: sparkling glass claws

You found: firework globe

You found: dozenth firework

You found: Metroplex Day book

You found: eternal sparkler

You found: fireworks shades

You found: 21 charred fireworks

And I continue to maintain the Joy of Metroplex and Protector of Metroplex titles.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 14 Aug 2020 00:02

I used all the known fireworks, saw the normal firework encounters, and beat the Intertwined Serpents, Smoke Dragon and Firework Spider and then got the finale once my etheric energy wore off, so looks like it's the same criteria as last year.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 13 Aug 2020 01:40
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 07 Aug 2020 23:40
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Sushi Chef

With 17 different recipes made, using a sushi kit did not get me the skill. But then I thought to try using another kit without making any more sushi, and got the skill that time. So more recipes after a certain point may not necessarily make you more likely to earn the skill. We could be looking at some point to trigger it, then RNG on using the kit.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 07 Aug 2020 23:40
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 04 Aug 2020 02:28
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Cooking

I was looking for things that might have fallen through the cracks and be out of the way but potentially edible, and thought I was onto something with the Tusked Shadow. Pork! Evil pork, but still. But going after it with knives and a sampling kit still didn't give anything other than curved tusks.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 04 Aug 2020 02:28
MagnificoMagnifico 22 Jul 2020 21:27
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Cooking

I tried this a sampling kit and a shiny butcher knife a couple of months ago.

by MagnificoMagnifico, 22 Jul 2020 21:27
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 22 Jul 2020 20:05
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Cooking

Thinking on this a bit more, does anyone have access to trying to kill the Titanic Mole, maybe with a sashimi knife equipped? Or maybe a Myers sampling kit, along the lines of the albino crocodile. Doesn't really fit with the 'seafood' thought for the ink pasta, but it would fit with the idea that it might be a meat that we're missing.

Unfortunately, in my current reset I don't have access to the mole.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 22 Jul 2020 20:05
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 16 Jul 2020 18:42
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Cooking

Based off where the gaps were with the earlier cooking stuff, I'd been thinking that the missing ingredient is probably either a fruit (with another recipe for fruit gelatin) or a meat (with another recipe for meat pie). It being "not little" leads me to think meat of some sort might be more likely, as does the idea that it would probably be going into the ink pasta or risotto.

Some kind of seafood would seem to work there. But we already know we can harvest stuff from the shark, clam and octopus, and the various serpents don't seem to have sashimi knife drops.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 16 Jul 2020 18:42
GoldSGoldS 16 Jul 2020 03:01
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Cooking

I asked Kinak if item 2817 (added in with the ink-based pasta items) was obtainable, and he replied, "Sure is! It's crafted but requires an ingredient I don't think has been found yet."

We're also still missing the cooking ingredient that was added in with the strawberry and crocodile tail. Hint from podcast 54: "It's not little. Not sure, well - let's go with that. It's not little."

by GoldSGoldS, 16 Jul 2020 03:01

At 0 HP and with Bone Spikes active, I only got the text and skill for Undying Will.

by GoldSGoldS, 07 Jun 2020 00:49
GoldSGoldS 06 Jun 2020 22:03
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » No More Voices

Oops, I should have checked the Bloody Solution talk page. Sorry about that.

by GoldSGoldS, 06 Jun 2020 22:03
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 06 Jun 2020 17:39
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » No More Voices

In fact, for Bloody Solution you should not have the amulet equipped. There was a change made back in 2018 regarding that, but I think it never got thoroughly checked out in practice.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 06 Jun 2020 17:39

Can you get more than one skill if you qualify for more than one at the same time?

by xKivxKiv, 06 Jun 2020 01:42
GoldSGoldS 06 Jun 2020 00:48
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » No More Voices

I'm questioning the "Must have eye amulet equipped" requirement. After killing the skittish bum, I spent several days in Southside Park with the amulet equipped while Etheric and got nothing. Today, I was adventuring while Etheric and unequipped the eye amulet, after which I got this encounter and Bloody Solution in about 2 turns.

by GoldSGoldS, 06 Jun 2020 00:48
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 05 Jun 2020 13:58
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Posture

Since I haven't changed my equipment or effects, these should still be the same stats from all the fights, unless I maybe gained a stat point at some time during my fighting.

Perception: 22
Reflexes: 14 (12)
Strength: 22
Will: 19 (27)

2 Etheric Power
5 Melee Power
4 Ranged Power
2 Stealth Power

12 Etheric Defense
7 Melee Defense
1 Ranged Defense
-2 Stealth Defense

-2 Reflexes
+8 Will

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 05 Jun 2020 13:58
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 05 Jun 2020 03:23
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Posture

Huh, interesting find. This looks to be a stat check thing (or some other unknown conditional), I'm not getting the lord message for any of the following:

Ghoul: You terrify the ghoul with your flashy appearance.
Dockhand: You terrify the dockhand with your flashy appearance.
Dock Security: You terrify the guard with your flashy appearance.
Rat King: You terrify the rats with your flashy appearance.
Trash Heap: You terrify the trash heap with your flashy appearance.
HH Dancer: You terrify the dancer with your flashy appearance.
Third Eye Poseur: You terrify the poseur with your flashy appearance.
by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 05 Jun 2020 03:23
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 04 Jun 2020 22:28
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Posture

So, I've gotten the 'lord over' variant of this against the following opponents:

The following opponents have not gotten it:

With no changes to my equipment between combats, and no effects active.

Hat: heavy containment helmet
Weapon: bony sword
Offhand: (None)
Shirt: posturing pauldrons
Pants: shark hide pants
Gadget: optical bracelet

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 04 Jun 2020 22:28
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