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CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 16 May 2022 20:04
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Burning Mask

Still trying to track down the trigger for the special version of this. So far I've only had it kick in against trash golems fighting in the Midgard warehouse. But sometimes I've had it kick in against one, but then not against another in the same fight, but sometimes it does trigger twice. (Only know two instances of it so far.) So it would seem it might have something to do with the opposing technique, perhaps. If I can get it to happen consistently with some pattern with my current setup, then I can see if any of the equipment I'm using is important.

Edit: It looks like the 'righteous flames' and 'furious gaze' versions may be for opposing etheric techniques. It seemed like there might have been an instance where it didn't work, but maybe I just missed something as it seems to be pretty consistent now.

Additional edit: It does seem to be the case that the special result is for versus etheric. The bit that was throwing me was testing against a stained glass messenger, and while Glass Spear can do etheric damage it is actually a melee technique, which would explain why Burning Mask's special effect wasn't triggering.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 16 May 2022 20:04
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 09 May 2022 02:11
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Mushroom Warrior

It's been a while since I've investigated reactive damage but this looks like 2 reactive (? values are assumed):

  0 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 10 fire damage.
 -1 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 9? fire damage.
 -2 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 8 fire damage.
 -3 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 8? fire damage.
 -4 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 8 fire damage.
 -5 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 7? fire damage.
 -6 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 6 fire damage.
 -7 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 5? fire damage.
 -8 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 5? fire damage.
 -9 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 5? fire damage.
-10 FP The stick of dynamite explodes beneath the warrior for 4 fire damage. therefore -4 FD

So probably -4 FD with 2 Reactive Defense.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 09 May 2022 02:11
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 06 May 2022 01:00
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Restrain

Wall Turrets (and I suppose Ceiling Turrets) are incredibly useful for determining restrain. Their Withdraw move is a Strength-based evasion, but since they have 0 Strength, they always block the same amount (normally 8 damage). If you have any restrain, it will subtract directly from the blocked damage. Very easy to test Hooked Capture:

Very handy because they can be fought repeatedly at the slags gate (easy to change up equipment) and have a 2/3rd chance of evading M/R/F on pass 2. Ceiling turrets always evade M/R/F on pass 1 but need some time to work up the alert level.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 06 May 2022 01:00
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 04 May 2022 02:28
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Hooked Capture

Can also confirm getting it while fighting a twisted hound, and having never even encountered a mushroom warrior, since I bought the spear from OmniMall. Tried a few polearms and weapons with various hooked bits to them (battered crowbar, plastic scythe), and haven't found anything other than what Al already had, other than confirming that the carved fishing spear continues to act like a hunting spear.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 04 May 2022 02:28
GoldSGoldS 03 May 2022 00:20
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Hooked Capture

You can't hook opponents with a fishing pole equipped and a bait effect active (I had Lost Hook).

I was able to get two instances of this technique while fighting a Twisted Hound. Might just require a specific form of Spear Hunting (Vs. Melee / Evasion?) with the hooked spear equipped.

by GoldSGoldS, 03 May 2022 00:20
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 02 May 2022 02:48
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Hooked Capture

No obvious change in text for: bristled leg, extended spider leg, fungus spear, imaginary spear (with Eclipse), decorative spear, oily spear, palace spear, postapocaliptic spear, toxic spear, thorny vine, twisted spider limb, yellow lace garotte, vine spear, writhing spear.

Bone-edged chain, unending chain, hooked chain, anchor chain all gave same message.

Interestingly the Dragon Hunter from Halloween 2014 uses a form: "The hunter tangles you up with her crazy spear thing for x damage." but when I use it "You catch the rats with your odd polearm for 11 melee damage." Is there a way to "tangle" opponents? Both are chain-3 melee.

EDIT: Combat data:

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 02 May 2022 02:48
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 30 Apr 2022 13:05
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Mushroom Warrior

Some combat data:

Nothing special with:

  • mushroom spade
  • hooked spear (with or without offhand)
  • Myers sampling kit
  • Running away/losing/trying to be peaceful.
  • High Stealth (13 SP)
  • Killing 20+ in a day
  • Using Punch, Brace Spear, Reaching Spear, Swordplay, Parry, Spear Throw, Speargun (we must be able to learn a hook spear technique right?)
  • Catching fish in the lake with hooked spear

I don't seem to be getting the mushroom servant encounter anymore. I don't know how to trigger that, nor the other encounter(s) that are easier now apparently.

EDIT: Got a new technique by using Spear Hunting with Hooked Spear vs. Mushroom Warrior. "You stab the warrior as it struggles, dealing 33 melee damage." Didn't get it every time, there may be some additional factor (or possibly not all those factors are needed).

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 30 Apr 2022 13:05
GoldSGoldS 30 Apr 2022 01:58
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » A Lake Covered By Mists

Trying to fish with a water sapphire / petrol gem / putrid sapphire / sea sapphire / fiery blob equipped does not magically transform them into some kind of bait.
Fishing with a heavy fishing pole equipped and a rage effect active does not cause you to angrily throw your fishing pole into the lake of fire.


  • The item discussed was presumably available when the quest was first implemented, which was a few months before the Survivors' Reset content was made public.
  • It probably does not require any unearthly content.
  • Hopefully doesn't require Firetamer. Please please please.

EDIT 1: Defeating a skull in the flames with any of the following items equipped didn't do anything special. What a surprise. I didn't have any etheric effects or Broken World / Degenerate Mists active at the time, but if that's required I don't have the stats at the moment to test it.

by GoldSGoldS, 30 Apr 2022 01:58
KinakKinak 29 Apr 2022 23:04
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Mushroom Cavern

Consolidating some flags here today which should make several encounters easier to trigger and one harder.


by KinakKinak, 29 Apr 2022 23:04

So, for reference… I put the mask on from the start of this run, and unlocked Hide Your Decisions and Hide Your Hunt. I activated Hide Your Decisions, and was using a combination of Dive for Cover, Bloodied Dodge, Single Shot and Short Burst. It then wore off, I used those techniques for a little bit longer, dropping Bloodied Dodge, and then I swapped over to Dive for Cover, Punch, Lash Out and 1 Brutality. I did not get around to unlocking Hide Yourself.

When I used the mask again, I picked Hide Your Hunt and got:

You think deeply on the previous lessons of the mask and the one you're stepping into, following the mask's grain with your fingertips as you meditate on its truths.

You've gained 30 duration of Hide Your Hunt.
You learned a new Technique: Burning Mask

You've earned 4 XP in Reflexes

So having gotten Burning Mask, I suppose once I complete this run I may do some experimentation with that.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 29 Apr 2022 00:44
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 21 Apr 2022 02:33
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Cold Storage

Hm, so this is a bit of an enigma, (it seems I poked at this in 2016 but completely forgot about it) - some form of "cold weather protection" lets you rest better in cold storage. Possibly some overlap with the Christmas Spirit flag which I also forgot about.

Can handle it:

Can't handle it:

(for all above, I happened to have the following cyberware installed: cybernetic tattoo, digging arm, goat legs)


  • heavy containment pants or heavy containment top work on their own, but not the helmet.
  • It doesn't seem to be just the ≥5 Etheric Defense granted by the containment top/pants (Etheric Defense is the closest thing to cold defense I suppose).
  • Other than containment stuff, it seems it requires 2+ sources of heat (among: knit hat / sweater / Fire in your belly effect)
  • Seems distinct from Christmas Spirit flag in some subtle ways but maybe related.

(Incidentally, both the warm and cold results count as a full rest for purposes of medicine, thanks Crypto for noticing that possibility!)

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 21 Apr 2022 02:33

The final set! Data from 10 days worth of shipments with Alliance Filtering:

59 64 66 3 28 53 77 350
16.86% 18.29% 18.86% 0.85% 8.00% 15.14% 22.00% 100.00%
Children's books' data:
23 2 39 64
35.94% 3.13% 60.93% 100.00%
Warranty parts data:
Dish No Dish Total
4 73 77
5.19% 94.81% 100.00%
by GoldSGoldS, 20 Apr 2022 17:33
CryptodynamicCryptodynamic 17 Apr 2022 23:53
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Medicine

So, something that occurred to me recently and I just tried testing it… It looks like the diminishing returns from resting can be reset by things other than just explicitly clicking on 'Rest'. For instance, in the Soothing Stacks encounter, if you choose to "Take a rest" that counts for the purposes of resetting the counter on using healing medicine. It's probably tied in to any encounter option where it talks about taking some time and you regain HP, though it might be worth categorizing such things.

by CryptodynamicCryptodynamic, 17 Apr 2022 23:53

Using 124, gave 4,362 items, or average of 35.1 items per use:

  • You found: 639 pep pills
  • You found: 607 protein bars
  • You found: 624 cans of Instaheat soup
  • You found: 632 battered cred chips (gives avg. 5.5 cred each)
  • You found: 643 packets of moist cookies
  • You found: 627 fresh cred chips (gives avg. 35 cred each)
  • You found: 590 OmniWatches

Looks even distribution. Average cred reward: 35*(1/7*5.5 + 1/7*35) = 202.5 cred per use, plus misc low level foods and such. With the Crate Shipment encounter, if you boost choice encounter chance+PvP encounter chance, I bet you could make 3000-5000 cred a day without too much work? I'll experiment tomorrow.

EDIT: In one day's worth of energy (eating decent but not crazy fancy food), I got 12 crates (2,424 cred) plus another 2,271 cred from shakedown and other minor combats. Just shy of 5000 cred a day. Not bad! (Had to spend a few turns clearing out PvPers from other gangs but not bad to do.)

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 17 Apr 2022 02:35
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 14 Apr 2022 00:06
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Vulgar Dodge

The flavour text of Vulgar Dodge is "Not the dodge people are expecting", which makes me a bit suspicious. Sort of the opposite of Undodgeable Techniques, but different from Non-Undodgeable Evasion Techniques, I guess. This whole naming scheme is a mess. Anyway, the form the Twisted Patron uses isn't non-undogeable:

You instigate a small-scale collapse with your digging arm, dropping 15 melee damage worth of rock on the patron. The attack came from an unexpected angle, avoiding the patron's defense.
The patron bobs and jerks, but the actions seem unlikely to avoid anything.

Hard to test the form with goat legs without pvp or access to Family Enforcers.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 14 Apr 2022 00:06

No change to "you claw at the glass" with digging claw and Shovel Claw in deck, nor with sledge hammer, nor with a crow bar with 5 Pry in my deck. Can we borrow a jackhammer from the construction site?

You claw at the glass, if it's really even glass, but find no purchase. Its connection with the surrounding wall is perfectly seamless, as though part of it just became transparent… or the entire wall grew organically.

Nor all the above while sober.

You pry at the glass… well, not glass, but whatever they made the barrier from. It even feels a little like glass, but it doesn't break like glass and it's perfectly integrated with the vault wall… as though part of the wall just happens to be transparent.

Also - nothing special for staring at the skull with a blindfold on, sober or etheric.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 13 Apr 2022 18:48

EDIT: Delete.

by GoldSGoldS, 09 Apr 2022 19:00

Data from 10 days worth of shipments with Midgard Shipping Filtering:

53 41 41 34 36 39 51 22 317
16.72% 12.93% 12.93% 10.73% 11.36% 12.30% 16.09% 6.94% 100.00%
Ammunition distribution:
assault rifle fittings Midgard MK8 Midgard MK9 Total
27 12 14 53
50.94% 22.64% 26.42% 100.00%

Looks like a 50% chance of assault rifle fittings and an equal 25% of either the MK8 or MK9.

Yellow paper distribution:
ancient notes: 10
yellowing map: 12.
Both seem to be equally likely.

by GoldSGoldS, 09 Apr 2022 18:56
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 08 Apr 2022 23:52
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Vigilante Quest

Small datapoint: got the cracked audio chip today with the following context:

Previous I have done a moderate amount of Vigilante gang warfare encounters in all zones, killed Officer Stone a few times, Quad Psycho a few times, parma-killed the Quad Psycho 4 days ago, played a couple more days messing around on the docks/sewers, then busy with work and skipped a couple days (def. no chip showed up), and then today I took control of Southside Park, won the MSec+2 Gangers combat, then ran away from Insane Slasher. Got the chip shortly after (not sure if immediately after or a couple turns later).

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 08 Apr 2022 23:52
bigalphillipsbigalphillips 02 Apr 2022 14:33
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Quad Psycho

This is not something I normally track but it looks like the Quad Psycho is rarer than other encounters. Or some other limiting mechanism (eg. only shows up every x turns). I got the Drunken challenger 18 times today and the Quad Psycho 5 times. (Trying to avoid confirmation bias, when I'm specifically looking for the Quad Psycho, but that data feels about right from the last few days of combat.)

EDIT: Next day, spent over 30 turns without finding the Quad Psycho, got drunken challenger 8+ times meanwhile. Anecdotally, once I found the QS, he reappeared several times in quick succession. Is there a "spend a minimum of 25 turns on the quad today" flag?

EDIT: I recall, it takes some time before Officer Stone shows up on the waterfront, possibly needing to kill some number of other Gang Warfare encounters. Quad Psycho could work similarly.

by bigalphillipsbigalphillips, 02 Apr 2022 14:33
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