Found Student



Encounter Conditions

Only after completing the Problems on the Docks Quest and getting the Missing Student encounter


If you saved the artist:

"Hey! I've been looking everywhere for you!" A young man comes running from across the quad.

Ah, looks like the same guy who asked you to look for his friend in the docks. "He's back! He says you saved him! He… won't talk about it much, but thank you! Thank you so much!"

"Here, this is what we gathered for the reward. It's all yours!" He hands you a PDA and a pile of cred chips.

You found: 4 battered cred chips

You found: 2 fresh cred chips

You found: student PDA

Or, if you killed the artist to complete the Problems on the Docks Quest:

The same morose kid who was looking for his friend before walks up to you. "Hey, I just wanted to tell you… he's dead. They… uh, they found him in the docks… some body shot him… some monster."

He looks like he's holding back tears. "Just thought you should know. So you can stop looking…"

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