Fourth And Second Floor



Encounter Conditions

Must have progressed across third floor from western stairs. Exact requirements for doing so unknown.

Initial Text

You find a door to the stairs along the east side of the building. Looks like you should be able to make it a short distance up or down.

Too far up you reach some sort of constructed barrier. Too far down and there's a massive pile of rocks clogging the stairs.

Summary of Choices

  1. Fourth floor - Go to Fourth Floor
  2. Second floor - Go to Second Floor
  3. Stay here - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Fourth floor

You make your way to the top of the eastern stairs to find a vicious barricade. Unlike the rockfalls you've seen before, this looks intentional. It almost dares you to pull out a stone and watch the entire stairwell fill with falling death.

But you're headed for the door to the fourth floor, which is a few feet shy of the barrier. Probably for the best.

(Go up to 4th floor of damaged buildings)

Second floor

You make your way to the bottom of the eastern stairs. There's obviously a floor below, but the stairs are filled with rubble.

The door takes a firm push, but opens on to the second floor.

(Go down to 2nd floor of damaged buildings)

Stay here

You turn back away from the stairs and head back into the abandoned offices.

Walk Away

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