Fourth Floor


This is the fourth floor of the Damaged Buildings in The Slags. It can be accessed from the Second, Third or Fifth Floor.

Encounter types Conditionals
BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
portal25.jpg Etheric Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters
Note: the Eclipse.jpg and coffee.jpg icons indicate whether you need to be high or sober. The portal25.jpg and antiportal25.jpg icons indicate if this encounter responds to +chance of Etheric encounters. The two need not be connected. (needs spading)

Combat Encounters

  Type   Cond  Opponent Encounter Text Notes
BrassKnuckles25.jpgportal25.jpg coffee.jpg experimenter.jpg
A voice in the distance screams, "No one is ready! None of you are ready!"

A madman with a syringe charges you moments later.
BrassKnuckles25.jpgantiportal25.jpg RabidWolf.jpg
A crate near you shakes, then explodes, leaving a swirling, oily mass floating in the air. A twisted creature lopes from it, baring its teeth.
BrassKnuckles25.jpgunknownportal25.jpg ratking.jpg
Does NOT require etheric. Appears if Bloodied Scientist dies and remains unburied.
BrassKnuckles25.jpgportal25.jpg Eclipse.jpg SewnZombie.jpg
Without an air filter:
As you make your way across the fourth floor, your nose is suddenly filled with the scent of sea water. Sea water?

You turn around to see a corpse behind you with one arm raised over your head, ready to bring it crashing down.

You make your way across the fourth floor, irritated by your air supply growing continually stuffier. You stop for a moment when you realize it smells strongly of sea water.

Puzzled by this fact, you almost don't notice the corpse shuffling up noiselessly behind you.

Or if you have Servant of the Mask:
As you make your way through the ruined offices, you notice water beading up on the walls. You hear an animalistic grunt behind you and turn to see a decaying corpse moving towards you with alarming speed.
Only if not on Ship of the Damned quest, or with Servant of the Mask
BrassKnuckles25.jpgportal25.jpg Eclipse.jpg Tentacle100.jpg
A voice in the distance screams, "No one is ready! None of you are ready!"

As you look to see who's shouting, you catch a glimpse of the man folding over backwards while a tentacled mass rips itself from his abdomen. Gore splatters the area as it extracts itself.

It rests its bloody bulk on the remains of the corpse, far smaller than itself.

Choice Encounters

defaultitem.jpgunknownportal25.jpg | coffee.jpg | Bloodied Scientist
  1. Give him an antidote (Good) - If you have Slags Antidote: lose 1 Slags Antidote, save him and unlock Back Down with the Living encounter in the Midgard Laboratory; otherwise, if you have MBR antidote: learn Slags antidote recipe; otherwise: unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter
  2. Treat him medically (Good) - Lives if you have Trauma Tech. This then unlocks Back Down with the Living choice encounter in Midgard Laboratory. If he dies, unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter.
  3. Steal his helmet (Evil) - unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter, you get heavy containment helmet; triggers cool coin
  4. Leave him - unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter

defaultitem.jpgunknownportal25.jpg | Scientist's Corpse - Only if you fail to save the Bloodied Scientist
  1. Loot the corpse - get heavy containment helmet, Midgard MK9, 4 of: egg salad sandwich, battered cred chip. Unlocks Rat King combat encounter?
  2. Bury the corpse - Buries the man (uses energy, prevents rats from swarming); triggers Warm Coin
  3. Leave it for vermin - Make progress across the floor, unlocks Rat King combat encounter.

defaultitem.jpgportal25.jpg | Eclipse.jpg | Far Above the Sea - replaces combat with waterlogged corpse, if you're on the Ship of the Damned quest
  1. Cut it free - Helps you get to the stairs?
  2. Kill it again - Fight a waterlogged corpse
  3. Run for it - Nothing

defaultitem.jpgantiportal25.jpg | Fourth to Fifth Floor (western stairs)
  1. Fifth Floor - Go to Fifth Floor
  2. Stay here - Nothing

defaultitem.jpgantiportal25.jpg | Third and Second Floor (eastern stairs)
  1. Third Floor - Go to Third Floor
  2. Second Floor - Go to Second Floor
  3. Stay here - Nothing


TO PASS THIS FLOOR: Defeat 3 enemies?
Reached the stairs immediately after 2 instances of Far Above the Sea -> cut it free. Have repeated this several times after falling from the fifth floor.

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