Fractal Assault


Image fractalassault.jpg
Description An Attack that usurps other functions
Offense 1
Unsubtle 1
Hidden Flags (Fractal Function)
Special Interacts with basic and fractal functions after it in the Batch


2/6 - fractal crash script
2/6 - fractal templates
1/6 - fractal interface


You get the following messages for each function after the fractal scan in the batch:

If the function is a fractal function:

<Fractal function> seemlessly bolsters Fractal Assault.

(does not count as additional Unsubtle)

If the function is a basic function:

Fractal Assault copies itself over <function>.

(Changes the overwritten function to be 1 Offense and 1 Unsubtle, whether or not it was unsubtle before.)

If the function is already an Attack function, no message, does not seem to change the function.

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