Fractal Code


Image Fractal25.jpg
Description This code was once part of a much larger, more complex program that was overwritten by data corruption and gibberish. It looks like it should execute, but it's hard to predict what it might do.
Type Data


Defeating a routine using Offense and also at least one View with Fractal Understanding active?

You find some garbled, but strangely usable, code in the remains of <defeated routine>.


Twist Networking Functions through Fractal Code
Networking Functions Fractal Code
= Fractal Interface
Expand a Fractal Interface with further Fractal Code
Fractal Interface Fractal Code
= Fractal Templates
Complicate a Remote Crash Script with Fractal Code
Remote Crash Script Fractal Code
= Fractal Crash Script
Warp a Network Defender with Fractal Code
Network Defender Fractal Code
= Fractal Defender
Expand a Network Command Script with Fractal Code
Remote Command Script Fractal Code
= Fractal Commander
Revamp a Remote Indexer with Fractal Code
Remote Indexer Fractal Code
= Fractal Indexer
Let some Fractal Code endless rewrite itself with a Command Script
Fractal Code Command Script
= Fractal Loop
computerchip.jpg This item cannot be decompiled.
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.
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