Fractured Reflection

This area can be visited by gazing into your antique floor mirror, available for a limited time from Zack's house of coins. Which set of encounters you get in the Fractured Reflection zone depends on which survivor you have chosen as your contact to conclude The Survivors quest. It is unknown what happens if you have not yet chosen a survivor as a contact.

Contact Season Attribute Zone
Dr. Amundsen Spring Reflexes Fractured Reflection (Spring)
Lo Summer Perception Fractured Reflection (Summer)
Hel Autumn Strength Fractured Reflection (Autumn)
David Winter Will Fractured Reflection (Winter)

Upon first visiting the area:

You gaze into the mirror, following the cracks here and there, noting every imperfection. Slowly, the shapes seem to move.

(Spring) You see a brilliant day, far brighter than your room… trees in bloom, extending for miles… fields of flowers.


(Summer) You see a day in the sweltering height of summer… trees heavy with fruit, swaying the breeze… a calm forest pool.


(Autumn) You see a dark night, barely moonlit… wind whipping the rain against bare trees… a stone tower silhouetted by the moon.


(Winter) You see a night in the depths of winter… a frozen-over pond… snow piled everywhere, even in the branches of trees.

Your reflection stares back at you from the heart of the forest, studying your eyes through the cracked glass.

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