Fractured Reflection (Summer)


Access by using an Antique Mirror from your apartment, if you have chosen Lo as your contact to finish The Survivors quest.

Walking away from choice encounters in this zone gives a special message:

You turn your back on the mirror for a moment, ignoring the reflections.

Your fifth walk-away takes 1 energy and gives this message:

You turn your back on the mirror for a moment, ignoring the reflections. You've spent much of your day puttering around the mirror today, exploring strange vistas.

It's more tiring than you expected, but totally worth it.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

Note: the fracture reflection encounters use an independent counter for walking away from the other encounters in the game, so you have to walk away from five mirror encounters to get the above message.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Maiden's Reflection

  1. Watch her sing - Gain 10/30/50 energy of Maiden's Perspective
  2. See if she needs something - Find out what she wants.
  3. Offer her an apple (if you have reflected apple) - Gain 60/100 energy of Maiden's Perspective
  4. Offer her scales
  5. Ask her about her mask 4 Perception XP w/out Mislit Mask. Various Will and Perception XP w/ Mislit Mask depending.
  6. Leave her - Walk Away

Leafy Tree

  1. Go for the apples - If the snake shook some loose from Snake Reflection, gain reflected apple. Otherwise, 2 XP Perception and Reflexes.
  2. Rest in the shade Recovers 35-40 HP. 2 XP Will if tree has your initials. Otherwise, 2 XP Perception.
  3. Carve your initials into the tree - Changes resting experience from Perception to Will.
  4. Apply some tendril ointment - Changes resting experience from Will to Perception.
  5. Leave the tree - Walk Away

(fishingpole.jpg) Forest Pool (Summer)

  1. Dive in - First time: Damage, Broken Bone, and unlocks Snake Reflection. Second time Reflexes and Perception or just Perception XP with Diving Ability >= 3.
  2. Watch over the water - 4 XP Perception
  3. Go fishing - Nothing much apparently. Maybe train fishing skill?
  4. Fish with the strand (if you have reflected strand) - lose the strand and (if the serpent is gone) gain reflected fish
  5. Return a fish (if you have reflected fish) - Lose reflected fish. 10 XP Will
  6. Toss in an apple (if you have reflected apple) - 10 XP Perception
  7. Leave it be - Walk Away

Snake Reflection (When Snake isn't napping)

  1. Run in the tunnels - Start Great Snake Tunnel Escape minigame.
    1. Run left - Maneuver in the tunnel.
    2. Charge right - Maneuver in the tunnel.
    3. Clamber up - Maneuver in the tunnel.
    4. Find a way down - Maneuver in the tunnel.
    5. Stand your ground - Get eaten. Ends minigame.
  2. Head for the tree - unlocks one instance of reflected apple collection and get beaten to hell.
  3. Throw it fish (if you have reflected fish) - Lose reflected fish and evades the encounter
  4. Catch its reflection (Only with Antique Hand Mirror equipped. Evades the encounter)
  5. Dive for the pond - Gain 10 energy of Serpent Venom and damage or Strength and Reflexes XP with Diving Ability >= 3
  6. Stand your ground - Get eaten.

Napping Snake

  1. Take some scales (after Maiden tells you she wants some) - Get reflected scales and wake up snake.
  2. Watch over it - 6 XP Perception
  3. Wake it up - Wakes up snake. Locks this encounter and unlocks Snake Reflection.
  4. Share its nap - Recovers 37-40 HP and removes all energy of Serpent Venom.
  5. Leave it be - Walk Away
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