Fractured Reflection (Winter)


Access by using an Antique Mirror from your apartment, if you have chosen David as your contact to finish The Survivors quest.

Walking away from choice encounters in this zone gives a special message:

You turn your back on the mirror for a moment, ignoring the reflections.

Your fifth Walk Away takes 1 energy and gives this message:

You've spent much of your day puttering around the mirror today, focusing on a cold world that seems to exist only in that thin layer of broken glass.

It's more tiring than you expected, but totally worth it.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Note: the fracture reflection encounters use an independent counter for walking away from the other encounters in the game, so you have to walk away from five mirror encounters to get the above message.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
The mirror seems to be reflecting what it should for once, you… your bed… your walls. You turn to start tidying up and hear a tap, tap, tap from behind you.

A glance back at the mirror reveals it still isn't doing anything stranger than being broken, but the moment you turn again, it's the same tap, tap, tap.

A second glance reveals an almost-human face leering back at you, its mouth spread in a grin of bloody, jagged teeth.

Never ceasing its grin, the thing pushes against its side of the mirror, slipping into your home amid a rain of broken glass.

And if you lose:
As your blood pools on the floor, the thing grins down at you and lopes towards your front door. It seems confused at first, running its claws along the faux wood, serenading you with scratches as your world fades to black.
Only appears if you wrote in a ghoul name on the Gravestone in the Tunnels of the Black Book.

Doesn't show up if you unlocked the wolf fight?

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
      Dark Hunter Gain 4 XP in Will Gravestone must be covered or have a ghoul name written on it

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Icy Pool - Only if you watched it freeze or didn't toss a torch

  1. Slide across - With >? reflexes ~ Gain 3 XP in Reflexes
  2. Stare into the depths - Gain 4 XP Will
  3. Toss in a torch - At the cost of one reflected torch, this encounter is replaced with Forest Pool (Winter)
  4. Pass it by - Walk Away

(fishingpole.jpg) Forest Pool (Winter) - Only if you tossed in a torch
  1. Wade in - Winter Wading minigame (follow link for details)
  2. Watch over the water - 4 XP Perception
  3. Go fishing (a fishing rod must be equipped) - no apparent effect, except with High Test, which sometimes gives you 10 XP Strength (possibly has an effect on the winter wading game?)
  4. Fish with the strand (a reflected strand must be in your inventory, lose it and gain a reflected fish)
  5. Return a fish (requires and uses one reflected fish, gain 14 XP in Will
  6. Watch it freeze this encounter is replaced by the Icy Pool encounter, gain 6 XP in Will, or 9 with Ocean Sight, or 4 Perception XP with Fish Empathy
  7. Leave it be (walk away)

Snowy Tree

  1. Climb it - Earn 4 XP in Reflexes
  2. Climb your ramp - Unlocks Ancient Thatched Hut and earn 3 XP in Perception.
  3. Shake it - Unlocks "Pile the snow" and removes "Climb your ramp." Gain 10 energy in Numbing Chill or Unforgiving Chill.
  4. Dig a burrow - Recover 35-37 HP. Also removes all energy of Numbing Chill.
  5. Emulate a tree - Earn 4 XP in Will.
  6. Pile the snow - Earn 4 XP in Strength and replace the "Climb it" action with "Climb your ramp." Action is removed after chosen.
  7. Burn it down (requires reflected torch) - Nothing? Also Gain 25 energy of Numbing/Unforgiving/Blinding Chill if you have any
  8. Leave it - Walk Away

Ancient Thatched Hut - (Only after climbing the ramp at the Snowy Tree)

  1. Search the place - Earn 4 XP in Perception
  2. Take a nap - Recover 40-41 HP and removes all energy of Numbing Chill.
  3. Burn it down - Permanently replaces this encounter with Grave Reflection.
  4. Leave the home - Walk away

Grave Reflection - (Only available after burning down the hut)

  1. Clear the snow - Replaces this action with "Contemplate the gravestone" and "Cover the writing." Replaces Dark Hunter with Wolf Reflection
  2. Contemplate the gravestone - Gain energy of Grave's Perspective.
  3. Cover the writing - Replaces this action and "Contemplate the gravestone" with "Clear the snow."
  4. Leave a flower (with reflected flower) - Gain 10 XP in Will or 30 energy of Grave's Perspective
  5. Leave a wolf tooth (with reflected wolf tooth and the snow cleared) - Further times gain 50 energy of Grave's Perspective
  6. Pick through the ashes - Take 21-25 damage and gain reflected torch.
  7. Lay near the ashes - Regain 37-38 HP and remove all energy of Numbing Chill.
  8. Ignore the dead/Leave it be - Walk Away

Wolf Reflection

  1. Take the fight to it - lose all HP
  2. Stand your ground - lose all HP
  3. Toss a torch (requires a reflected torch) - Costs one reflected torch to unlock greater energy gains of Grave's Perspective. Subsequent choosings of this action grants 60? energy of Grave's Perspective.
  4. Feed it fish (requires reflected fish and for you to have gotten through the Survivors' Quests) - Gives the following options, or with any energy of missing hand: lose the fish and gain 10? XP in Perception)
    1. Drop the fish - gain 10? XP in Reflexes, lose the fish
    2. Throw a punch - lose all HP, lose the fish
    3. Hold your hand there (gives the following options)
      1. Drop it - gain 6? XP in Reflexes and 9? XP in Will, lose the fish
      2. Get in a punch - gain 6? XP in Strength and 9 XP in Will, lose the fish
      3. Hold steady - gain a reflected wolf tooth and 20 energy of missing hand, lose the fish
  5. Run like hell (lose all HP, gain 6? XP in Reflexes)
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