Frag Grenade


Image RoundGrenade25.jpg
Description This grenade appears to be handmade, so who knows what it might do. You could probably lob it a fair distance, though, which helps.
Type Usable
Use You turn over the frag grenades carefully a couple times, making sure they won't explode early. Satisfied, you stow them for later use.
Multi You carefully pick through the frag grenades and make sure none of them are about to blow up in your face. Satisfied, you stow them for later use.
Effects Learn technique: fraggrenade.jpg Frag Grenade


From Vigilante Justice encounter in The Quad

Add Polysteel shrapnel to your Unmarked Grenades
Unmarked Grenades Polysteel
= Frag Grenades
Attach some Scorched Glass Shards to your Unmarked Grenades very carefully
Unmarked Grenades Scorched Glass Shards
= Frag Grenades
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Arms


Before July 3rd, 2013, "Juice up a Gas Grenade with some Dynamite" gave a Frag Grenades.

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