Frat Rewards



Encounter Conditions

Helped the Frats spike the punch, go back to the dorms.


The fraternity leader you were working with makes his way over, trying to put on a good show, but obviously downcast. "Well that sucked. Remind me about this next time somebody hassles me about drunks killing people."

He shakes his head slowly. "We snuck out a couple bowls of punch before we realized they were fucked up. You can have some."

"You were a big help. If we'd had more folks like you… well, we'd probably be hung over instead of watching them haul out bodybags. We lost a friend in there, but I think he'd want you to have this." He hands you a cap with a simple gold pin on it.

You found: pledge hat

He holds his fist out like you're supposed to do something for a second, then looks uncomfortable and goes to grab the bowls.

You found: 5 strange punch

As you head out, you find a large box with your name and address on it. It's filled with wire and plastic bones.

You found: Halloween skeleton

or, if you killed the frat leader while he was a werewolf

As you approach the dorm, you're stopped by a security guard. "I'm sorry, we can't let you go any closer. Crime scene."

Just past him, you see a box set aside with your name on it. It's easy enough to snag it while he's distracted by gawkers.

You found: 10 strange punch

You found: pledge hat

Somebody dropped the skeleton parts you paid for in here too. That's thoughtful.

You found: X Halloween skeletons

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