Frayed Cable


Image Cabling25.jpg
Description This is some damaged electrical cabling. Not much use right now, but shouldn't be too hard to get back in working order.
Type Misc


Opponents: Hanging Wires, or any drone if you have an electrical kit or salvaging tools equipped
Buried Lab encounter: Cabled Hall
Using a Damaged Zaibatsu Crate. (99.9% chance at at least one)
Salvaging biomonitor circuit, thick cabling
Using a scrap pit or scrap heap
Fishing in the Dockside Sewers
Redirect from Shoreline Shipping Drones via Guidance System


Connect two frayed cables to a signal analysis circuit for a basic life-monitoring system
Quest recipe: Learn from Electrical Engineering II or watching a descrambled TV
2 Frayed Cables Signal Analysis Circuit
= Biomonitor Circuit
Construct a temporary neural bridge from a Safety Loop, two Frayed Cables, and some Circuit Fragments
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Neural Networking paper
toolbelt.jpg Safety Loop, 2 Frayed Cable, Circuit Fragments
= Juryrigged Bridge
Set a Signal Analysis Circuit to watch the signals on a Frayed Cable.
Quest Recipe: Learn from the neglected bookshelf
Signal Analysis Circuit Frayed Cable
= Safety Loop
Twine two frayed cables into one thick functional cable
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Electrical Engineering I or watching a descrambled TV
Frayed Cable Frayed Cable
= Thick Cabling
Laboriously shape some Frayed Cabling (1 Energy)
Learn recipe from engaging Eye for Bugs skill
pileofjunk.jpg Frayed Cable
= Bug Cage
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.
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