Freeing Dr. Amundsen


After finishing Docks Quest, Lo says that Dr. Amundsen is your best path to cracking Encrypted PDA.


Cracking the PDA

From this point on, there are two ways to complete this quest:

Finding Dr. Amundsen

Infiltrating Third Eye hideout

  • Head to the Boiler Room in the basement of Combine Labs near Metroplex U.
  • To get in you'll either need to be etheric or have a stick of dynamite, or the hammer's sledge
  • Adventure until you get the Underground Asylum choice encounter. Try the whispering door - it's locked.
  • Adventure until you get the same choice encounter again. Go to the silent door this time and search the desk.
  • Read the Asylum journal to learn that there's an extra key underneath the desk.
  • Adventure until you get the same choice encounter once more. Go to the silent room and search under the desk for a key.
  • Continue adventuring until you get the row of doors encounter one final time. Try the whispering door again and you'll be able to enter.
  • Fight Saber. If you don't have 6 or more Etheric Defense or a very high Will he will give you a big debuff (-10 to all stats). Be warned however, you only get ONE chance at beating him - if you lose or run away, he will kill Dr. Amundsen.

Hostage negotiation

Get Hawk to look into releasing the hostages.


Quest Log

After finding Dr. Amundsen's office ransacked

Someone ransacked Dr. Amundsen's office. There's no sign of her.

But she might still be okay if you can find where they've taken her.

After talking to Hawk about Dr. Amundsen's release

It sounds like Hawk might be able to get Dr. Amundsen released if you can get him a replacement supply of Eclipse.

After unlocking the Boiler Room

Apparently, Dr. Amundsen's probably being held somewhere in the Labs at Metroplex U where she used to work. Should probably search the building's dark corners.

After trying the whispering door

You found a locked door beneath the labs that sounds like it might have a prisoner behind it, but you don't have a key.

After reading the asylum journal

Apparently, one of the old employees of the asylum kept a key underneath the desk in the library. Hopefully it's the right one.

After getting the asylum key

You've got the key, now to try the door and see if it's Dr. Amundsen there.

End (Success)

You rescued Dr. Amundsen from the Third Eye.

End (Failure)

The Third Eye killed Dr. Amundsen while you were trying to rescue her.


  • Is there a starting text for this quest with Lo asking you to find Dr. Amundsen or is the text about her office being ransacked the first one you get in your questlog?
  • Is the message about her room being ransacked saved somewhere, because its not in The Combine Labs page. If not we need to add it.
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