Fresh Mollusk


Image Mollusk.jpg
Description You're not really up on your simple water animals, but this looks kind of like a clam or oyster. You don't think either of them are supposed to grow in Lake Metroplex, but it wouldn't be the strangest thing you'd ever seen.
Type Food
Requires 2 Hunger
Use You crack open the mollusk and slurp down its innards. It's kind of like drinking cold snot, but you manage to muscle your way through it.
Multi You crack open the mollusks and suck out their innards. Anyone who's lived in Southside has eaten worse, but the slimy chunks slithering down your throat is… novel.
Effects Gives 3-4 Energy (normal)
Gives 4-5 Energy (primordial)


Fishing at the Waterfront (with High Test)
Fishing after using a Metallic Oil (with High Test)
Fishing on The Ghost Ship (with High Test)
Using a Waterlogged Sack
Using the Scrap Pit outside the Slags
Salvaging an Old Composite Rod (1-2)


Deshell and divide a Fresh Mollusk
Fresh Mollusk Sashimi Knife
= Mollusk Strip
Cut and drape a Fresh Mollusk over Sushi Rice
Fresh Mollusk Sushi Rice
= Mollusk Sushi
Cut and wrap a Fresh Mollusk in some Sushi Nori
Fresh Mollusk Sushi Nori
= Mollusk Roll
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Goods
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