Fresh Snowman


Image snowman1.jpg
Combat Description The snowman
HP 20
Stats Perception: 4
Reflexes: 3-4
Strength: 5
Will: 6
Power Melee: 0
Ranged: 0
Etheric: 0
Defense Melee: 2
Ranged: 2
Fire: -5
Etheric: 2
Stealth: 2
Reactive: 5
Traits No Organs, Snowman
Awards 3 XP
You found: 1-2 lumps of coal (sometimes)
You found: 1-2 gnarled branches (sometimes)
You found: 1-2 handfuls of unmelting snowflakes (sometimes)


Christmas encounters in The Quad: Snow Goons (2009 or 2010), Snow Goons 2011, Snow Goons 2012, Snow Goons 2013, Snow Goons 2015

On Winning

If you are fighting these from the "Rampage through the big ones" option, after you kill those two, you get the message:

The remains of the snowmen crawl together, fuzing into one monstrous creature.

and a Fuzed Snowmen is added to the opponents in the fight.


Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Gnarled Claw 3 3 Melee (normal)
'' 9 Melee (following Frost Breath)
Frost Breath 4 9 Etheric
Handful of Snow and Ice 5 4 Ranged
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