Friendly Bum Introduction



Encounter Conditions

Must have talked to Mikhail and given the bum a dirty old trenchcoat in the Coatless Homeless encounter.

Initial Text

A friendly looking bum strolls up, still wearing the coat you gave him and flashes a huge toothy grin.

'Hey, I promised I'd help you out, didn't I? Used to be a boxer, golden glove and all, can show you some real moves. What'll it be, captain?'

Summary of Choices

  1. Know anything about the new drug floating around? - get Eclipse
  2. What about the Fangs? (Appears after unlocking The Docks) - Gain cracked baseball bat
  3. Sure, show me some moves - learn 8-9 of Dive for Cover, Punch, Lash Out, Kidney Punch, Jab
  4. I'm good, thanks

Choice Text and Results

Know anything about the new drug floating around?

He cocks his head to the side and mutters to himself for a bit.

"Yeah, yeah, the Fangs have been peddling something new… call it Eclipse. I'm not a fan, scarier stuff there than the Fangs."

He fumbles around and hands you a strange pill. "Take it. I don't need it for anything."

You found: Eclipse

What about the Fangs?

"The Fangs?" he shakes his head. "If you're really gonna go after them, chief, you're gonna need all the help you can get."

"I knew a guy once, used to run with some vigilantes… well, with The Vigilante and a few of his friends. The Fangs busted him up pretty good, though, he wouldn't be able to help anymore."

He turns around and starts rooting through a pile of garbage with his good hand. "He'd probably have wanted you to have… just a second… to have… here it is. He'd have wanted to you to have this."

He hands you a splintered baseball bat. "She doesn't look like much anymore, but I can guarantee she'll steer you right."

"The Fangs'll recognize her, I'm sure. I can't rightly say she'll scare 'em, but she might get you a bit of respect."

You found: cracked baseball bat

If he's already given you the bat:

"Sorry, chief, aside from her story… that old bat's story and a bit of training, there's not much I can tell you."

He shakes his head slowly. "The Fangs used to be real small-timers… still are, I guess, compared to syndicates. But it used to be, they had about two dozen members total."

"But… with this whole Eclipse thing, they're recruiting new members left, right, and center. I'm sure if their supply gets cut off, they'll break back apart."

He pats you gently on the shoulder with his good arm. "Well, I'm sure you can take care of 'em, captain. Just be careful."

You feel a bit heartened by his speech.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Sure, show me some moves

"Some moves, you say?"

The bum shows you a few vicious punches. He's actually pretty good… maybe he really was a boxer.

After a few minutes, he's winded and nursing his right arm, which hangs limply at his side. "You're good, go on now. Fight the good fight."

That was definitely insightful. You've picked up a lot of new tricks.

You've learned a new Technique: 5 Lash Out, X Jab, X Punch, X Dive for Cover (Where X is an integer for a total of 8-9 techniques learned.)

I'm good, thanks

Does Nothing?

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