Frigid Bones


Image skull25.jpg
Description Some terrible cold has seeped into your bones. Fire doesn't seem to warm you, even when you're almost blistering, and your bones feel at the point of breaking under the slightest stress.

At first you thought it was just a hallucination, but frost has started to rime over your hands. It's getting hard to move.
Effects -5 Etheric Defense
-5 Melee Defense
-10 Reflexes


frosty bone chips (20 Energy)

Removed By

clean rags
panacea pill


Might have been required for cold rib and cold skull to drop.

Winning a fight with a Frosty Claw equipped and Frigid Bones active gives you Gnarled Claw (using Frost Breath also works instead of Frigid Bones)

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