Front Gate



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You reach the front gate of the laboratory, flanked by gun turrets. A simple printed sign adorns the door:

"Please wear your ID openly at all times within the facility or you will be fired upon. -The Mgt."

Next to the door is a small swipe-pad for an ID card.

Summary of Choices

  1. Swipe your way in - if you have Slags medical ID in inventory enter w/o Energy cost, otherwise fight 2 wall turrets to enter
  2. Blow your way in - if you have Nitro in inventory and x? Reflexes lose one nitro to enter, otherwise fight 2 wall turrets to enter
  3. Fight your way in - Fight 2 wall turrets to enter
  4. Walk your way out - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Swipe your way in

With Slags medical ID

You swipe your ID and the door swings open with a cheerful beep.

The lab itself is blank and sterile, filled with scientists and guards busily moving around. More than a few drones patrol the grounds as well.


The reader makes a screeching beep. "Invalid ID, please try again."

Blow your way in

With Nitro in inventory


You toss a flask of Nitro into the door and rush through before the turrets can respond. Alarms faintly wail in the distance.


You fumble through your possessions, trying to find something explosive enough to blow the door open before the turrets open fire. Unfortunately, the turrets don't seem interested in waiting.

(Fight 2 wall turrets)

Fight your way in

You crash into the door, but can't break through before the turrets lock onto you and open fire.

(Fight 2 wall turrets)

Walk your way out

You turn your back and walk away into the Slags.

Nothing, but does not count as Walk Away

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