Frost Touch


Image unknownchain1.png
Chain 1
Type Etheric
Base Damage 4
Special +6 Base Damage if under Spectral Curse
Combat Message <opponent> reaches out and brushes you with its fingers. The flesh it touched is covered with a rime of frost, dealing x damage. (normal)
<opponent> brushes against you. The flesh it touched blackens and shrivels, dealing x damage. (Spectral Curse)


The player loses one turn of Spectral Curse whenever this is used against them


NPC Only.

Used By (Opponents)

Aristocratic Specter
Burning Specter
Ghostly Hand
Grasping Hand
Shrouded Hand
Spectral Damsel
Spectral Miner
Spectral Patient
Spectral Sailor
Tattered Specter

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