Full Of Chocolate


Image testtubeb25.jpg
Description You've eaten more chocolate than you ever knew you wanted, but it comes with a sort of satisfied glow.
Hidden Flags Ingestion Effect
Effects +3 Will


melted chocolate (20 energy, 2 Hunger)

If you already have energy of Full of Chocolate, the following items will extend the effect:
chocolate (5 energy, 1 Hunger)
chocolate apple (15 energy, 3 Hunger)
chocolate cake (10 energy, 2 Hunger)
chocolate chunk cookie (5 energy, 1 Hunger)
chocolate spider (30 energy, 2 Hunger)
chocolate strawberry (10 energy, 1 Hunger)
dipped cookie (10 energy, 1 Hunger)
unformed chocolate (20 energy, 2 Hunger)

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