Fused Blade


Image Straight-Sword25.jpg
Description This simple sword is built from a hilt and a single plate of strange grey polysteel. It reminds you of knights and princesses.

The whole thing… the blade especially, has a strange warmth about it, like the polysteel blade never really cooled down.
Type Weapon (Sword Weapon)
Effects +6 Melee Power
+3 Strength


Add a blade of Fused Polysteel to a Sword Hilt
Sword Hilt Fused Polysteel
= Fused Blade


Can give the Considered Strike technique if 3+ science-type techniques are used in the final round of combat with both this and the red-lensed goggles equipped.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg probably fused polysteel and sword hilt
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Arms
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