Fused Polysteel


Image SheetMetal-g.jpg
Description Normally when polysteel melts, all you'd get is a pitted black blob. In this case, however, it settled into a grey pool of plastic that was easily formed into a sheet.

Now it feels a little warm to the touch and won't bend in your hands like normal polysteel.
Type Misc


Using a flickering spark with polysteel in your inventory. (neither red-lensed goggles nor Red Lenses required)

You drop your flickering spark into a pile of polysteel, letting it melt into a pile of bubbling grey plastic. When it starts to spread, you carefully contain it in a roughly square area where it eventually hardens into a sheet.


Add a blade of Fused Polysteel to a Sword Hilt
Fused Polysteel Sword Hilt
= Fused Blade
Shape Fused Polysteel around an Unlined Vest
Fused Polysteel Unlined Vest
= Fused Breastplate
Shape some Fused Polysteel and add Pistol Fittings
Fused Polysteel Pistol Fittings
= Fused Pistol
Piece together armor from Fused Polysteel and some Unlined Pants
Fused Polysteel Unlined Pants
= Fused Plates
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Goods
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