Gang Beatdown


Image bat25.jpg
Description Nothing quite like delivering a good old fashioned beatdown. You've got the rush going and are ready for another.
Effects +2 Melee Power
Slightly Increases Chance of PvP Encounters


Beating an opponent with the Beatdown technique in PvP (20ish energy)

Let's see what determines how many turns you get. Add your notes here.

  • Dealt 18 damage to Jick and got 12 turns. Opponent hp may matter (perhaps overkill nets you turns?), so it would be helpful to know Jick's approximate hp. I dealt him 51 damage before the Beatdown attack (and 21 after, which I doubt matters).
  • Dealt 18 damage to Jick and got 13 turns (I guess. went from 11 to 23, but assuming there's no bug involved, that's actually 10 to 23, since the combat depletes a turn). First attack of combat, dealt 53 afterwards.
  • Dealt 33 damage to Jick and got 28 turns (see note above). Dealt 22 before and 29 after. That's 15 more damage and 15 more turns, which I doubt is a coincidence. Although it brings up questions about whether gaining energy of an effect you already have prevents the counter from being depleted.
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