Gang Missions

Gang Missions are a kind of quest that you can work on as a gang. These include

If you have no missions going on:

No Missions
At the moment, your gang doesn't have any ongoing missions. You may want to check with your gang leadership to see if there's anything you can do to help.

If you have sent Profits to fortifications:

Your gang has some deliveries set to help fortify for Gang Warfare. Specifically, they're sending x to Southside Park, x to the Waterfront, x to the Dockside Sewers, and x to the Quad.

If you aren't in Gang Warfare:
You won't be able to help much until you join Gang Warfare.

If you haven't started fortifying:
You haven't agreed to help fortify, but can start any time.

First time after starting fortifying:
You agreed to help with deliveries. Just head to the areas your gang needs help and you'll receive special encounters to deliver supplies.

If you are fortifying:
You've agreed to help fortify, but need to join Gang Warfare before you can help. You can also stop at any time.

First time after stopping fortifying:
You've stopped helping with deliveries.

If you are fortifying and run out of profits:
Your gang currently doesn't have any deliveries to help fortify for Gang Warfare, but you're ready to start helping when they do. You can stop waiting at any time.

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