Gang Warfare

Basic Information

Read about it at the devblog.

You must be a member of a gang to participate in gang warfare, and enter PvP from the gang warfare screen. A few combats after you have joined PvP (specifically, exactly ten rounds of combat - which can be in a single or multiple fights) you will begin to find encounters unique to gang warfare, including fighting simulacra of other players for old coins, and all the special encounters detailed below.

When you patrol a controlled area, you leave a copy of yourself in that area which warriors from enemy gangs can fight. These copies appear to use the effects and equipment you were using when you patrolled, and sequences of techniques based on your combats prior the patrolling (i.e. the deck you used for the last ten rounds before you patrolled). These copies are also added when a gang gains control of an area, based on the successful fights used to beat the previous defenders. If these copies are hurt while defeating an attacker, they will have reduced hp the next time a player attacks them. It is important to note that all copies will have the equipment and effects you had when you left the last one. This is especially important for etheric techniques, for as long as you had one energy when leaving your last clone they will still be able to do full chains of etheric attacks, but if you did not have any even clones that could previously use such attacks successfully will no longer be able to. Thus when intentionally leaving clones it is advisable to maximize power for the last one to save on effect energy.

Note that there are often multiple copies of the same player in an area. Thus, even if you are damaging (but losing to) a particularly difficult opponent (let's say "Erenoth"), the next "Erenoth" you fight might still be at full health. On October 5, 2011, new messages were added to the start of gang warfare fights, which appear to hint at the general hp level of your opponent.

Message Meaning
(S)he looks ready for a fight. Full or almost full hp?
(S)he's injured, but still looks confident. Slightly less than full hp?
(S)he is definitely injured and looks a little rattled. Less hp than the above?
(S)he needs medical attention more than another fight, but that's not really your problem, is it? Less?
(S)he needs a medic badly, but you're not that medic. Almost dead?

When defeated, copies of other players can give old coins and stats equal to their "level". What this means is if you are fighting an easier opponent, they may only give 4 xp after a fight and have a limit of dropping 4 old coins. With a stronger opponent, they may give 8 xp and a maximum of 8 old coins. An opponent's "level" level appears to be approximately $\lceil \frac{n}{10}\rceil + 3$, where n is a character's average buffed stat. An opponent with high attributes but low HP or other stats still seems to give a lot of XP and coins.

There seems to be a 50% chance of old coins dropping, irrespective of you or your opponents' stats. If coins do drop, they seem to be an even distribution between 1 and the amount of XP gained.

Controlling Areas

There are currently four areas that gangs fight over: Southside Park, the Waterfront (on The Docks), the Dockside Sewers, and The Quad. To take control of an area, gang members must leave five copies of themselves to patrol it. You will then control the area until one of your patrollers is defeated. If another gang currently controls the area, you will clear out one opposing patroller for each drawn fight, or clear out an enemy patroller and leave a copy on patrol for each victorious fight. If you have not yet reached five copies patrolling after clearing out all opposing patrollers, you will receive noncombat adventures that allow you to leave a copy. Gangs may opt to have up to ten patrollers by choosing the Security agenda. A gang with ten patrollers has "complete control" of an area.

Control messages

There are various statuses that can explain the level of control you have of the areas. They are visible at the bottom of the Gang Warfare page on your gang screen.

Message Meaning
You do not control any areas. Your gang has zero clones
You've laid an ambush at <The Quad>. If you/your gang has exactly one clone.
You're building control in <The Quad>. If you/your gang has 2-4 clones.
You have control in <The Quad>, although others may be threatening it. If you/your gang has 5-9 clones.
You have complete control of <The Quad>. If you/your gang has 10 clones

If you win a PvP fight and kill the last opposing-gang member:

You've crushed the opposing gangs in The Quad and now are building control in it.

If you kill the last opposing-gang member, but have no clones in the area (because of ties, or already having clones elsewhere):

You've crushed the opposing gangs in The Quad and can now begin building control there.

Also, if you have clones active in a different area:

It looks like there's still work to do here, but you're already patrolling elsewhere.

No matter how strange your life gets, you haven't yet mastered the art of being in two places at once.

And/or, if you have exactly one clone in another area, the following instead/also:

You leave your old ambush to set up operations here.

If you are patrolling the Dockside Sewers and elect to stop patrolling there from the gang warfare screen:

You've left the sewers. Whew.


Each area grants specific rewards for the gang that controls it. Taking control of an area unlocks these rewards for the rest of the day (until rollover), even if your gang later loses control of the area. Further, any gang members who switch to a different gang still have access to these encounters, even if the new gang did not have control at any point.
Southside Park Special encounter unlocks back room of Little Eddie's
Waterfront Special encounter that gives you crates of items
Dockside Sewers Can plant spores and collect mushrooms the next day, or trade with mushroom men
The Quad Encounter drunken challenger and Third Eye hunter.


You receive Agenda encounters when (and only when) you have control of an area. Your agenda for each of the four areas above is determined by your gang leader(s)/lieutenant(s), who can change it at any time.
Agenda Description Effect
Drive Demand Crack down on local dealers to increase demand Increases sale price of stuff from your Gang Stash. Gives Reflexes XP
Scavenge Gather large quantities of local items Gives many items and Perception XP; stocks your gang's Scrap Heaps and/or Scrap Pits
Security Make it harder for other gangs to take control back Gives Will XP
Increases number of 'imprinted' guards (up to ten). Provides healing (after ten).
Shakedown Get credits from local businesses Gives credits and Strength XP, may learn the Throttle technique
Vigilante Justice Fight harder opponents to help the local residents Special vigilante combats (see below)

Drive Demand

Whenever you Drive Demand, it increases the profit you get from selling one type of shipment from your gang stash. When you sell a shipment, the demand for that product is reduced to the square root of the previous demand, rounded down.
Zone Demands
Southside Park Drugs or Goods
Waterfront Arms or Drugs
Dockside Sewers Arms or Goods
The Quad Curiosities or Drugs

Vigilante Encounters

Zone Encounter(s) Special Rewards
Southside Park Two Gangers and a Midgard Security old coins
Southside Park Insane Slasher shiny butcher knife, bloodied knife, or stalker's knife; Killers 3
Southside Park Third Eye Ganger and Third Eye Sorcerer The Eye?
Waterfront Four dock security lucky cap, unlucky cap, or special brew; must have First Aid for reward
Waterfront Three Fang Enforcers massive hunting knife
Waterfront 2-4 Dock Security and Officer Stone Stone's beatstick or Stone's pistol
Dockside Sewers Two Dockside Gangers and Two Gang Enforcers
Dockside Sewers Sewer Mutant filthy old sack, filthy baseball bat, old pipe ; unlocks Wounded Mutant encounter
The Quad Two Third Eye Poseur, one Third Eye Hunter, one Third Eye Ganger sniper rifle
The Quad 4 crowds of protesters (during protest) powerful acid
The Quad 4 Midgard Security Guards (during protest) unformatted memory core
The Quad Third Eye Sorcerer and 2 Third Eye Gangers study chip, numbing chip, ease-item, unformatted memory core
The Quad Quad Psycho (see linked page for how to unlock) shining glasses (see page), immaculate suit coat, psychopath's knife, old scalpel, pressed slacks, strange watch

See Vigilante Quest for more details.


Also see Avatars, Old Coins, and Chance of PvP Encounters.

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