Garage Panhandling



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

A man huddled in a mass of old rags presents an ancient comm towards you, its eerie glow lighting up the darkness. He barely manages to rasp "credits?" as if the word itself weighs too much for his lungs to push out.

Summary of Choices

  1. Offer a few - lose 5 credits, gain 2 XP Will, unlocks chat results
  2. Demand some instead - gain 1-5 credits
  3. Just chat - information, more if given credits
  4. Rough him up - fight Panhandler
  5. Leave him be - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Offer a few

You transfer a few credits over. He smiles at you weakly and nods.

You've earned 2 XP in Will
(Lose 5 credits)

Demand some instead

He shakes his head emphatically, drawing a knife from within his clothes to protect the outdated comm in his other hand.

(Fight Panhandler)

Or, if you've helped him before?

He weakly nods, looking away from you. "Sure, sure, course. Happy… happy to help."

You gained 1-5 credits!

Just chat

He grunts in annoyance and buries himself in his rags, keeping out the garage's chill.

Or, after giving him some credits:

He looks up at you blearily. "Look at this place," he rasps. "Suits used to at least let us sit outside on the street, maybe hide in the lobby if we're quiet, but now if you don't have a badge they'll sooner shoot you than look at you."

"One word from their boss man and they're down here with us. Would serve them right too."

More quietly, at barely above a whisper, he adds "they're up to something, you know? Careful with what you see. Doesn't matter if you have a badge or not, then."

Or, after giving him some credits and with HQ Alarm?

He looks up at you blearily. "Noisy day," he rasps. "They'll let the hounds out soon, big ones, CD threes or fours. Careful. They never bother me any, but some of us… sometimes they're just mean, swallow you up like a wolf."

Rough him up (Evil 2)

He scrambles back, drawing a knife as you approach.

(Fight Panhandler)

Leave him be

You just walk by pretending he's not there.

(Walk Away)

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