Gas Grenade


Image CanisterGrenade.jpg
Description A toxic gas grenade that penetrates enemies' defenses
Chain 4
Type None (Direct)
Attribute Reflexes
Base Damage 4
Special Techniques of Type None ignore armor and defensive Techniques, although certain enemies may be immune to poison.

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 4 Gives opponent 3(?) turns of Coughing Fit. Counts as Smoky Technique.
You lob a gas canister at <opponent>. He inhales a bit of the gas and begins coughing hard, taking <X> direct damage.
If opponent has powerful wings - Gives YOU 3 turns of Coughing Fit unless also immune. Counts as Smoky Technique?
You toss a gas grenade at <opponent>, but <opponent>'s powerful wings drive the gas right back at you.
If opponent has no organs - Does not count as Smoky Technique.
You toss a gas grenade at <opponent>, but <it> doesn't seem to be affected.
If opponent has air filter - Counts as Smoky Technique?
You toss a gas grenade at <opponent>, but <opponent>'s air is safely filtered.
While underwater - Counts as Smoky Technique?
You toss a grenade which hisses and bubbles, making the water around it rather murky.


Using a belt of gas grenades.


Enhances Rending Smoke when this precedes it.

Used By (Opponents)

Midgard Heavy Guard (Unarmed)
Midgard Security
Midgard Special Officer
Slags Guard
The Hammer

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