Gas Grenades


Image CanisterGrenade25.jpg
Description These grenades are covered with warning labels. Apparently you really don't want to inhale whatever is in this.
Type Usable
Use You separate the grenades and stow them for eventual use.
Multi You separate the collection of grenades and stow them for eventual use.
Effects You learned a new Technique: Gas Grenade


Drops from Slags Guard (sometimes)
Drops from Midgard Security (sometimes)
From openineg a Crate Of Explosives (sometimes)
From opening a Stolen Crate (sometimes)
From Stacks of Crates encounter in Midgard Warehouse (open a crate)
Raid the Scrap Heap/Scrap Pit (Metroplex University)
Redirect from Shoreline Shipping Drones via Guidance System


Arm your Gas Grenades with Nitro
Gas Grenades Nitro
= Unmarked Grenades
Liven up your Gas Grenades with a stick of Dynamite
Gas Grenades Dynamite
= Unmarked Grenades
Attach some Gas Grenades to your Enhanced Firework
Gas Grenades Enhanced Firework
= Smoky Firework
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Arms


Before July 3rd, 2013, "Juice up a Gas Grenade with some Dynamite" gave a frag-grenades.
December 6th, 2014, this item was renamed from 'gas grenade' to 'gas grenades'. The old use message was: "You pop the safety clip off the grenade and stow it for use later." and multi: "You carefully remove the safety clips from your collection of grenades and stow them for later."

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