Gate Out Of The Slags



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

The guard seems unconcerned with your presence at the gate, instead tending to one of the machine gun turrets. He motions you through as the gates open.

Summary of Choices

  1. Head on through - go to Outside the Slags
  2. Kill him anyway - Fight 3 Wall Turrets and a Slags Guard
  3. Turn back - Walk away

Head on Through


You make it back out, beyond the Slags. Stifling, polluted air never tasted so sweet as compared to the Slags' toxic mixture.

(Or, with Hel)

Without a second look from the guard, you make it back out into the open air beyond the Slags. Hel follows closely behind you.


Hel moves cautiously as you exit the Slags. Once you're all the way out she peels off the containment suit and motions you over.

"Alright let's split up. I'm going to the resturaunt in Southside Loki has been haunting. Meet me there once you're sure Midgard isn't following you."

Or, different text depending on which survivors are alive. See Deep Crater for more. Needs content.

Kill Him Anyway (2 Evil)

You hear a muffled shout of "What the hell?" as the guard falls back to defend himself and the turrets deploy.

(Fight 3 Wall Turrets and a Slags Guard)

Turn Back

You turn back from the gate and head back into the Slags. You're sure if you could see the guard's face, he'd look terribly confused.

Nothing (but does not count as Walk Away)

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