Get Back To Work



Encounter Conditions

Wearing a construction worker outfit

Initial Text

You turn a corner in the halls to come face-to-face with a Midgard Security officer. "You!" he gestures emphatically with his rifle. "We're not guarding this deathtrap so you can stretch your legs! Get back to work!"

Summary of Choices

  1. Run thick cabling (with electrical kit) - lose 1 thick cabling
  2. Add a polysteel support (with polysteel support) - lose 1 polysteel support
  3. Move some bricks - gain 3 XP Strength and Will
  4. Refuse to budge - fight Midgard Security
  5. Take him down - fight Midgard Security
  6. Ignore him - fight Midgard Security

Choice Text and Results

Run thick cabling


You find the nearest juncture box and run some thick cabling. Man, these dorms have a ton of wiring.

By the time you're done the guard's wandered off, apparently satisfied.

Add a polysteel support


You find the nearest unsupported area and shore it up with the polysteel rod you happened to be carrying with you. Hey, it pays to be prepared.

By the time you're done installing it, the guard is long gone.

You've earned 4 XP in Strength

Move some bricks


You move some bricks back and forth until the guard seems satisfied and wanders off. Sucker!

You've earned 3 XP in Strength

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Refuse to budge

You refuse to be bullied and he refuses to take "no" for an answer. You reach an understandable impasse that, unfortunately, involves automatic weapon fire.

(Fight Midgard Security)

Take him down

He doesn't seem interested in taking "no" for an answer, so you just skip straight to the killing part.

(Fight Midgard Security)

Ignore him

You try to just walk away, but the guard seems more invested in getting you working than in keeping you alive.

(Fight Midgard Security)

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