Ghoul Source



Encounter Conditions

Only in Bottom Section

Initial Text

Exploring deeper within the cave, you find a towering figure sitting on a throne. He seems almost too evil, an evil that exists only in stories.

He looks down at you from his throne. "Welcome. I'm glad you've come."

"I suppose this is about The Artist… you can't have him back, no one can… without a trade. And there's one person with something valuable to trade… you."

Summary of Choices

  1. Cut the chatter - Fight Ghoul King; gain the bone scepter if you succeed
  2. Offer a trade
    1. I'll do it (evil) - - Gain Born of Sorrow; triggers Born of Sorrow
    2. Not a chance - ??
  3. Bind him - Fight Ghoul King if you don't have binding tome equipped, or gain Kingly Favor if binding tome is equipped.
  4. Run away - Nothing (uses energy)

Choice Text and Results

Cut the chatter

He roars with laughter. "Alright then, prepare for eternity!"

(Fight the Ghoul King)

Upon winning the fight:
You found: the bone scepter

The ghoul king's body hits the floor and shatters like glass. You hear a rumble from above and have a sinking suspicion of what comes next.

Giant slabs of stone begin falling from the ceiling, crushing scattering ghouls and plunging into lakes of fire. You run and run until you find yourself back on the streets near the Docks.

Behind you, the charnel house stands as though nothing had happened. Certainly it isn't plunging into a sink hole. Something does seem different, though, some dark presence has been erased.

Offer a trade

He roars with laughter. "Alright, then, little one. There is a single trade I'll make. Your fate for the fate of the one upstairs."

"He made me, but only you can make me stronger."

I'll do it (evil)

The ghoul king laughs harshly. "Alright, then. The artist is free. But you're mine!"

You feel horrible hooks setting into you and black out. You wake up sometime later, in the streets of the dock, feeling terribly unsettled.

You've learned a new Skill: Born of Sorrow

Not a chance

He roars with laughter. "Alright then, prepare for eternity!"

(Fight the Ghoul King)

Bind him

(With a binding tome equipped)

The ghoul king begins to laugh as you chant, but chokes when you pull out the tome of binding. He pleads and pleads, but you finish the ritual and bind him to yourself.

Once the binding is complete, the cave begins to collapse. Each of your steps is sure, however, guided by the ghoul king. You make it to the surface without a scratch.

You've learned a new Skill: Kingly Favor


You try to command the ghoul king, but he laughs haughtily at your attempts. His scepter in hand, he charges, ready to crush you.

(Fight the Ghoul King)

Run away

You make a break for it. You hear the ghoul king's laughter follow you, but when you look back minutes later, he's nowhere to be seen.

This uses up an energy


If you kill the ghoul king, bind him or trade your soul to him, the charnel house gets destroyed and you may not adventure there until it reopens.

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