Ghoulish Crown


Image nomnom25.jpg
Description This crown was carefully constructed from jagged teeth and grisly sinew. It actually looks so stereotypically evil people will be hard-pressed to believe it's real. The ones that do believe will probably come looking for a fight, though.
Type Hat
Requires 8 Base Will
Use You unravel your crown back into its grisly components.
You found: ghoulish sinew
You found: 10 handfuls of ghoul teeth
Multi You quickly unravel your crowns back into their grisly components.
You found: X ghoulish sinews
You found: X handfuls of ghoul teeth
Effects +4 Etheric Power
+4 Will
Moderately Increases Chance of Combat Encounters


Using a ghoulish sinew with 10 ghoul teeth in your inventory.


Alters the items gained from Monarch's Call.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg ghoulish sinew, 2-3 handfuls of ghoul teeth
GoldCoins.jpg .20 Curiosities
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