Ghouls In The Fog



Encounter Conditions

Only during The Missing Artist quest
Perception >= 15

Initial Text

As you move through the maze of black stone pillars, faint red light conceals more than it reveals. Even so, you manage to notice the three forms loping towards you before they notice you.

Summary of Choices

  1. Turn and run - fight 3 Ghouls or add 1 to the Ghoul Counter
  2. Stay motionless - fight 3 Ghouls or walk away with ≥14 Will
  3. Charge them - fight 3 Ghouls

Choice Text and Results

Turn and run

You break into a run, but after only a few steps, a bony hand grabs your ankle, sending you sprawling on the volcanic rock.

You take 2-6 damage.

(Fight 3 Ghouls)


The things behind you move effortlessly between, around, and even through the strange volcanic slabs that fill the building. Despite your best efforts, the three of them descend on you, their eyes wide in anticipation.

(Fight 3 Ghouls)


You break into a run, avoiding the things' grasping hands and rapidly losing them among the volcanic walls. After a few turns, you can't even hear their shrieks of rage.

Unfortunately, it's hard to say where you ended up… not that you can really get more lost.

Adds 1 to the Ghoul Counter

Stay motionless

You duck into the shadows and remain as still as you can. The three of them pass, sniffing the air.

After they've gone, you wait a few moments silently in the shadows. One gangly claw reaches you into the shadows and drags you into the flickering red light.

It's hard to say whether your appearance betrayed you or your breathing, but the fact remains that you're surrounded by emaciated humanoids grinning at you with their narrow, jagged teeth.

(Fight 3 Ghouls)

Or with >14 Will

You duck into the shadows and remain motionless. The pack passes by, sniffing at the air as they go.

Even after several minutes, they don't return, and you're able to slip away without any complication.

(See walk away)

Adds 1 to the Ghoul Counter

Charge them

You charge towards the pack following you. One grins broadly, displaying a mouth filled with sharp, jagged, little teeth.

(Fight 3 Ghouls)

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