Giant Snowflake


Image Snowflake25.jpg
Description From a distance you might think this hand-sized snowflake is made out of plastic or even crystal. But, in spite of all logic, it's actually a network of frozen water.

Unfortunately, it's still pretty fragile, so you probably shouldn't carry it around with you. It'd probably look pretty fetching on a Christmas tree, though.
Type Usable
Use You add the massive snowflake to your Christmas tree.
Or without tree installed in your housing:
You set aside the massive snowflake for when you have a Christmas tree up.
Multi You add the massive snowflakes to your Christmas tree.
Effects Adds a gigantic snowflake to the Christmas tree in your apartment.


Drops from the Towering Snowman (Christmas 2009)
Drops from the Freed Snowman (Christmas 2010)
Drops from the Snowmonstrosity (Christmas 2011, onwards)


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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