Gilt Truffle


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Description So, how do you make a truffle even more expensive? Cover it in gold. It honestly doesn't look very appetizing anymore, but apparently that's the price you pay for eating like the ultra-rich.

Assuming, that is, the ultra-rich eat gold covered truffles. It seems like they should, but you can't even get the cooking shows their chefs watch on normal TV anymore, so who knows?
Type Food
Requires 6 Base Will, 1 Hunger
Use Ugh. The gold doesn't make that at all appetizing.

You try to focus on the feeling of superiority for eating something so expensive instead.
Multi You choke down the truffles. Whatever process was used to bond them to the gold also made them taste terrible.

And it sounded like such a good idea too.
Effects You gain 3-5 Energy (normal)
You gain 4-7 Energy (sunless)
You gain 15 energy of High Brow


Chemically fuze a layer of Gold Foil onto a Truffle
Truffle Gold Foil
= Gilt Truffle


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg gold foil
GoldCoins.jpg .14 Curiosities
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