Goddamn Cute Bats



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

Some student left this window halfway through being covered in streamers and paper mache bats. In the light it looks… cute, really, but it'll probably look cool enough when they dim everything for the party.

Summary of Choices

  1. Finish it -
  2. Tear it down -
  3. Hide some eclipse -
  4. Leave it -

Choice Text and Results

Finish it

You finish putting up the streamers. It's not hard, but there's something very calming about it.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Tear it down

You start to tear down the streamers and are surprised to find a hipster charging you at break-neck speed. You're not sure he thought this through.

(Fight Hipster)

or without hipsters?

You tear down the streamers and reduce the bats to tiny piles of paper mache. Hey, free paper mache!

Gain 4? paper mache

Hide some Eclipse

With enough security guards around?

As you stash some Eclipse in the streamers a security guard approaches you, tapping a baton into the palm of his hand.

Apparently independent rent-a-cops take a dimmer view of Eclipse then the normal Midgard kind.

(Fight a Dock Security)

With few security guards? (I got this with 0 stealth power, so that doesn't matter)

You stash a few Eclipse in the streamers. They're not big enough to hide a lot, but whoever finds that should have a good party.

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