Gold Foil


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Description This is a thin, fragile piece of gold foil. In theory, it's valuable… and whatever you coat it in also becomes valuable. You're not entirely sure why, though.

You've heard they used to use it for circuitry, but prices went too high and they switched to cheaper alternatives. So it doesn't get used for anything anymore, but still costs a lot.

It's probably easiest just to blame the rich and move on.
Type Usable
Sell You sell your sheet of foil. Even with the tiny amount of metal you're dealing with, it's easy to find a buyer.
Multi Sell You unload your gold. The tiny sheets of foil you're working with don't weigh much each, but the credits definitely add up.
Effects Gain 18-22 credits


Drops from Living Portal (Halloween 2010 and later)

toolbox.jpg actual antique watch, ancient gold coins, coder's watch, fine gold monocle, gold framed spectacles, inlaid saber, sailor's charm, washed coins


Dissolve some Gold Foil in Aqua Regia
Gold Foil Aqua Regia
= Chloroauric Acid
Cover some Chocolate Gelt with actual Gold Foil
Chocolate Gelt Gold Foil
= Gilt Chocolate Coins
Trace over your Gang Jacket with Gold Foil
Gang Jacket Gold Foil
= Gilt Gang Jacket
Crush some Gold Foil into a Kraken's Heart
Kraken's Heart Gold Foil
= Gilt Heart
Chemically fuze a layer of Gold Foil onto a Truffle
Truffle Gold Foil
= Gilt Truffle
Make an Enhanced Firework even more festive with some Gold Foil
Enhanced Firework Gold Foil
= Gold Firework
Add a bit of Gold Foil to your Brass Knuckles
Brass Knuckles Gold Foil
= Gold Knuckles
Wrap a Lake Pearl in Gold Foil
lake pearl gold foil
= gold pearl
Coat a Processor Chip's connections with Gold Foil.
Quest Recipe: Learn this recipe from Viewing indexed Shared Files
Processor Chip Gold Foil
= Gold Processor
Create a flexible circuit board with two Polysteel, two Gold Foils, and four Formatted Memory Cores
Quest Recipe: Requires recipe from Shared Files.
toolbelt.jpg 2 Polysteel, 2 Gold Foils, 4 Formatted Memory Cores
= Mimetic Sheet
Highlight a Silver Blade with Gold Foil
Silver Blade Gold Foil
= Ostentatious Blade
Add a festive touch to your Paper Mask with some Gold Foil
Paper Mask Gold Foil
= Party Mask
Play up an Exposed Cybergun with Gold Foil
Exposed Cybergun Gold Foil
= Decorative Cybergun
Plate a Cybereye Blank with Gold Foil
Cybereye Blank Gold Foil
= Garish Cybereye
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Goods
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